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Location: Northern Minnesota

Architect: While with Collins-Hansen

Tucker Lake Cabins

These northern Minnesota cabins and bathhouses are architecture in celebration of timber. From the recycled timber structure sitting in the forest to the recreational boundary waters canoe area just south of the Canadian border.

The main structural members of this pair of sheds are Douglass fir larch cut from the north woods, sawn into dimension lumber, and shipped to Minneapolis. they spent their prime working days in the big city as the heavy timber framework of a commercial warehouse.

Removed in the renovation of the building, the members have now returned north to this peaceful location where they continue in service at a reduced load. here, surrounded by the tortured remains of a second-growth forest that was ravished by 100 mph straight-line winds in 1999, these timbers have taken on a second life in the country of their origin.

care was taken to maximize the use of the material as structure, the challenge was to design a structural system and put the ancestors back to work in a recreational manner.