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Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Lighting the MacArthur Bridge Concept

Building on the momentum of high profile projects at the riverfront is compelling. Like the new I-70 bridge, and the transformation underway at the Arch grounds with CityArchRiver|2015, my proposal Lighting the MacArthur Bridge adds instant appeal, and creates a bold contextual edge to the south end of the riverfront.

The MacArthur Bridge is a great landmark of the Upper Mississippi located at River Mile 179.0; it is an historic icon of the metro-region’s industrial heritage. Lighting it would visually connect Missouri with Illinois celebrating movement, and exchange in the bi-state region while creating a spectacular civic image, and urban edge to the vibrant riverfront.

Visualize the moment when day turns to night; think of the space at the riverfront as a giant room with a need for elegant lighting. St. Louis can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary by building on the momentum of high profile projects, and planning a comprehensive strategy for lighting key elements of the riverfront like a room with walls defined by the new I-70 & Eads Bridges to the North, the Poplar & MacArthur Bridges to the South, Illinois’s East river bank amenities, and the Arch & National Park grounds to the West.